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M PC Lock 1.0

It locks your computer to make sure no body except you have access to it
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Lock your computer to make sure no body except you have access to your computer while you are away from it and leave your computer.
After lock you can leave your computer and if every body need to unlock it should enter password.
To lock your computer you can use one of below steps :
1. Lock computer by click on ‘Lock’ button in program main page or (tray) menu.
2. Define a specified hot key to lock your computer at program options (tab : Hot Key)
After lock computer every body can’t use from your computer except persons that have
software password. After lock if any body try to unlock it by restart or shutdown computer can’t do it because when windows will be start at next time program is in protecting your computer from other attacks. You can define a work for persons that want to unlock your pc by try many of passwords, You can change this setting in the program options and in ‘Password’ tab (tab : 3).
- Your computer will be lock also after logoff or reset your computer (before Unlock it)
- M PC Lock is very cheap and have less than other same products price.
- Easy User Interface.
- Beautifull User Interface.
- Very power full and secure.
- Have a completely silent mode
- Can lock computer after specified idle time
- Can lock computer by one specified hot key
- Fast speedam options and in ‘Password’ tab (tab : 3).

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